“A trip to the future”: Minister Arreaza praises innovative Alcaraván Technological Systems Complex

This Wednesday, People’s Power Minister for Industries and National Production, Jorge Arreaza, visited the Alcaraván Technological Systems Complex. Located in San Juan de Los Morros, Guárico State, whose concept is technology in all its dimensions and innovation in its maximum expression.

In a tour of its facilities, Minister Arreaza observed the different technological projects being developed in this Complex, among them the design of free software and the manufacture of electronic cards.

“A trip to the future” The development of free software useful for the people, model human management, and manufacture electronic cards to control countless processes and devices. Bravo!” he posted on his Twitter account @jaarreaza.

The Alcaraván Technological Systems Complex emerged from the alliance between the Governor’s Office of the state of Guárico and cooperatives in the technological area.

The driving force behind this innovative project is made up of students and professors from the Universidad Nacional Experimental Romulo Gallegos. Along with the talents from cooperatives in different sectors based in Caracas, Mérida, and Falcón.

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