The National Government designs a joint attention plan to industries, industrial zones, and SMEs

The Bolivarian Government has set up a technical working table to design a joint and coordinated attention plan for industries, industrial zones, and small and medium-sized enterprises to strengthen national production.

The measure was agreed upon this Monday during an inter-institutional meeting. To this meeting attended the sectorial Vice-President of Public Works and Services and People’s Power Minister for Electric Energy, Nestor Reverol; the People’s Power Minister of Industries and National Production, Jorge Arreaza; the People’s Power Minister for Water Attention, Rodolfo Marco Torres; and the People’s Power Minister for Transportation, Hipolito Abreu. Also in attendance were representatives from PDVSA, CORPOELEC, and CANTV.

During the deliberations, the authorities of the Bolivarian Government evaluated a series of joint actions to strengthen public services, especially in the areas of electric power, drinking water, and telecommunications, as well as the recovery of productive processes.

Among other decisions, they agreed to carry out an integral diagnosis of the country’s companies, highlighting the strengths and weaknesses in each region to advance towards the planning of these processes. In particular, a thorough was proposed review of each of the 105 companies under the People’s Power Ministry of Industries and National Production.

The Venezuelan Government authorities ratified their total willingness to attend to the proposals of the public and private companies, including those formulated from the zones, industrial parks, and all the infrastructures for production throughout the national territory.

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