Bolivarian Government evaluates potential joint projects with entrepreneurs from Anzoátegui

This Thursday, Jorge Arreaza, People’s Power Minister for Industries and National Production, supervised several factories in the states of Monagas and Anzoátegui as part of the development of the cycle of unplanned inspections that began at the beginning of the month by the country’s public and private companies.

During the tour of these eastern entities, the Minister and his work team paid an unannounced visit to the private company Masisa Venezuela, a leading manufacturer of boards made from Caribbean pine wood.

“With its board of directors, we studied potential joint projects. They showed us their plants and processes. Of course, we talked with their workers and urged them to form a Workers’ Productive Council. We committed ourselves to support them in defense of their rights,” he detailed through his Twitter account @jaarreaza.

Also, the Minister evaluated the linkage between the public and private sectors in production processes alongside the managers.

The Minister of Industries and National Production highlighted that this company is headed towards productive promotion and thanked them for their receptiveness.

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