Tapa Amarilla joins the fight against Covid-19 by producing Sodium Hypochlorite

During a presidential transmission of the Productive Wednesdays, -a working day dedicated to the economic development of the nation- the company Tapa Amarilla informed that they are joining the fight against Covid-19 with the production of sodium hypochlorite; a chemical used in the disinfection of spaces and surfaces.

Juan Arias Palacios, Vice Minister for the Development of Special Economic Zones of the Ministry of Industries and National Production, stated that the production unit has 250 workers, 45 years of tradition in the production of household hygiene products, and is nationally known for its quality standards.

He also pointed out that Tapa Amarilla is one of the companies that submitted to the Technical Board of the Superior Council of Productive Economy the request for Exoneration of tariffs that affected national production. The Bolivarian Government adopted this action to help the productive apparatus and to satisfy the needs of the Venezuelan people.

Edgar Zamora, the comptroller of the Tapa Amarilla companies, explained that despite the effects of the sanctions, the plant continues to produce a wide range of products ranging from liquid detergent to dishwashing cream.

He emphasized that they decided to diversify their production and offer sodium hypochlorite to the Venezuelan people during the pandemic. Therefore, they activated a line to manufacture the containers for their products, with the support of State companies, such as Pequiven, which is in charge of the raw material supplies.

CPT committed to productivity

Rosa Correa, Spokeswoman of the Workers’ Productive Councils (CPT), indicated that the entire working class of the plant is committed to the Homeland and that they work daily to promote operations.

In this sense, he called on President Nicolas Maduro Moros to continue offering more of his work to Venezuela: “Production comes first. You can count on the CPTs to go forward, helping so that production can continue (…). We are working tirelessly to combat the Coronavirus.”

Among the lines of action of the Bolivarian Government, the productive economic agreement is a fundamental task for the country’s stability. And since the beginning of the sanitary emergency due to Covid-19 in Venezuela, the State has been working to strengthen its ties with the productive sector to consolidate the prosperity of the nation.

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