National Government forges Plan for Industrial Impulse and National Production

The development of the Plan for Industrial Impulse and National Production was the focus of the meeting held this Tuesday in Caracas between the People’s Power Minister of Industries and National Production, Jorge Arreaza, and the Vice-Minister of Digital Economy, Banking, Insurance, and Securities, Roman Maniglia.

The authorities of the Bolivarian Government studied the proposal of the National Securities Market and its options to stimulate the industry in all its scales, among other mechanisms aimed at boosting the country’s productive apparatus.

Vice Minister Maniglia, recently appointed president of Banco de Venezuela, stressed his commitment to the growth and boosting of the national economy.

“We will further expand opportunities to invest and develop sustainable production with the necessary balances. This way, we will provide more welfare for our people,” he asserted through his Twitter account.

National production has become one of the transversal axes to the consolidation of a new productive and diversified economy promoted by the Venezuelan Executive to overcome oil rentiers and counteract the consequences of the illegal blockade imposed on Venezuela from the United States.

Tariff policy

During Tuesday’s meeting, Minister Arreaza also met with the Vice-Minister of Productive Economy, Ricardo Sánchez, with whom he made progress in the design of the tariff protection policy for industrial promotion. “We declared ourselves in Permanent Session to define a necessary tariff policy,” announced the minister.

Last August, the President of the Republic, Nicolas Maduro, affirmed that Venezuela started a new productive phase “and we are overcoming the [oil] rentiers and the economy of ports […] with work and national production”.

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