Russia and Venezuela boost trade relations during the second Business Forum between both nations

The second edition of the Russia-Venezuela Business Forum was held this Wednesday in Moscow to boost trade and industrial development between the two nations.

The event took place as part of the High-Level Intergovernmental Commission. 41 Venezuelan and 47 Russian companies attended the event, which had the opportunity to discuss investment initiatives at different business tables.

In this scenario, Hector Silva ( Vice Minister for Foreign Trade and Investment Promotion of the People’s Power Ministry of Economy and Finance; President of the Venezuelan International Center for Productive Investment (CIIP), stated that Venezuela offers exceptional investment opportunities. All given its recognition as “the first world oil reserve with more than 300 billion barrels, and as the eighth largest gas reserve in the world and the first in Latin America and The Caribbean”.

During the meeting, there was clear evidence of the strength of the relations between Moscow and Caracas. Through the design of a bi-national commercial agenda focused on the strategic exchange that will enhance the participation of companies in both markets.

Aside from national businessmen, and as part of the delegation of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, the People’s Power Minister for Fishing and Aquaculture, Juan Luis Laya, was present, accompanied by officials of the Bolivarian Government in different commercial and strategic areas of the country, as well as the Foreign Trade Bank (BANCOEX).

Sectoral Vice-Presidency of Economy

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