National Government inspects INVEVAL’s operating capacity and productivity

This Friday, the Minister of People’s Power for Industries and National Production, Jorge Arreaza, visited the facilities of “Industria Venezolana de Valvulas” (INVEVAL), based in Miranda, to supervise the development of its production and the operational capacity of its workers.

The primary task of this metal-mechanic industry is to supply the links in the production chain with machinery, consumer goods, and metal tools, as well as to manufacture and repair valves and stopcocks for the oil, gas, and water industries of public and private companies at the national scale.

The visit served to highlight the work that INVEVAL’s workforce performs daily. “The commitment of its workers is immense, and the quality of the valves they recover and manufacture is extraordinary,” shared the head of the industries portfolio through his official account @jaarreaza on the Twitter platform.

Minister Arreaza also pointed out that, with their labor, they have become a relevant part of the recovery of Petroleos de Venezuela S.A (PDVSA). And also, through sustainable endogenous development, they strengthen the country’s industrial system and promote the Venezuelan productive apparatus.

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