Political dialogue will be strengthened with the vote of the people in Mega Elections

The President of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Nicolas Maduro, emphasized that the political dialogue in the country will be strengthened with the vote of the people in the municipal and regional elections this November 21.

When asked about his assessment regarding governance as from November 22 for the rescue of politics as a public service, the Head of State mentioned that from “the vote of the people will come decisions that will guide us, that will show us the direction, the destiny of the country”.

“I believe that through this mega election -where we are with the vote of the people- electing 23 governorships, 335 mayoralties, 23 legislative councils, 335 municipal councils, what will emerge from here will be good and will strengthen the political dialogue”, he emphasized to the national and international media, after exercising his right to vote.

He also said that after these elections, “democratic governance” will be strengthened. He also said that “the capacity to face problems, achieve solutions and above all, I think, like I have been saying, I have great hopes that after this year of growth 2021, of gradual, progressive recovery. The years ahead, 2022, 2023, 2024, the floodgates of the country will open to sustained growth and a new economic prosperity, to the rescue of the Welfare State in its entire splendor for the workers, women workers, for all the people of Venezuela”.

The Dignitary valued ” the collective effort, the national effort. Venezuela is rising, it the commercial and economic activity that we see in the cities, in the towns, and how food production, industrial production and all the indicators related to growth have grown”.

He illustrated how it has been a “first year of sustained economic growth, sustained, truthful, with its own lungs, with its own engine. I think that what is coming in Venezuela is more political dialogue, political understanding, coexistence, harmony. The best is coming from these elections. Tt is coming for the better, it is coming for good, it is coming for governance, it is coming for the consolidation of peace and stability”.

He ratified that “2022, 2023, 2024 are years of splendor, peace, stability, growth and we will see with our eyes the new prosperity, but no longer dependent on the oil income. Now the new prosperity arises from work, from the generation of new wealth, from the collective effort, from the union of Venezuelans.”

Presidential Press / Anaís Pérez

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