Minister Arreaza announces the reactivation of the tractor, truck and machinery factory in Barinas

In compliance with the guidelines of President Nicolas Maduro, the Minister of People’s Power for Industries and National Production, Jorge Arreaza, announced this Thursday the upcoming reactivation of the Santa Inés Agroindustrial Complex, located in the state of Barinas.

“We went to the Santa Inés Industrial Complex in Barinas to inform the workers of President Nicolas Maduro’s decision to reactivate the production of tractors, trucks, and machinery in the 1st quarter of 2022. We have the plan and the workers’ strength. #ProducirEsVencer (ProduceToPrevail)”, informed the minister through his Twitter account.

From the spaces of Venemink, a joint venture with the Republic of Belarus, the head of the industrial office thanked the working class for taking care of the factory, machinery, and production and assembly lines, which will allow the restart of this strategic complex for the Plains entity and the rest of the country.

“[I am] very proud of this working-class. Hopefully, we can, in the first quarter of next year, start to see a new production of tractors, trucks, and machinery here at the Santa Inés Industrial Complex ¡Viva Barinas and the working class!” he stated.

Total support

The Mayor of Barinas, Rafael Paredes, expressed his administration’s unrestricted support to Minister Arreaza to give the necessary boost to the entity, cradle of Commander Hugo Chávez, leader of the Bolivarian Revolution.

“We have to honor our Commander by looking for the way and means to give a new impulse to our state,” urged the local president.

The Belarusian-Venezuelan joint venture “Veneminsk Tractores C.A,” where three models of tractors are manufactured: 62, 89, and 130 horsepower, according to the different needs of the agro-industrial sector, was inaugurated in 2012.

Together with the automotive company, Mazven, which manufactures trucks, and Maquinarias Barinas, Veneminsk makes up the Santa Inés Agroindustrial Complex.

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