Minister Biomorgi holds meetings with the ambassadors of South Africa, Belarus, and Syria

This Monday, the People’s Power Minister of Industries and National Production, José Biomorgi, held bilateral meetings with the ambassadors accredited in Venezuela. Joseph Nkosi of South Africa, Andrei Molchan of Belarus, and Khalil Bitar of Syria review the cooperation agenda together with the Minister and evaluate the strengthening in specific sectors, according to the interests and strengths of each country.

“It was a fruitful exchange, where we reviewed each country’s work agenda and evaluated in which sectors we can increase the cooperation we have been building,” highlighted the Minister after the meetings.

Through his Twitter account @Jose_Biomorgi, he went on to detail that they talked about the possibilities of promoting investments in particular sectors, in what each country has strengths, expertise, and knowledge, also according to the interests of Venezuela’s economic development.

The meetings took place at the headquarters of this office in Caracas in response to requests from the diplomats.

Minister Biomorgi was appointed by President Maduro through Decree N° 4.621 published in the Official Gazette. Last December 7, he assumed the competencies inherent to the mentioned position under the legal system in force.

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