Ministries of Industries and Transportation reaffirm the alliance for the recovery of the National Railway System

This Tuesday, the People’s Power Minister of Industries and National Production, Jorge Arreaza, visited the workshops of Metro de Caracas C.A., at Propatria station, to celebrate the recovery and availability of a new train of the Metro de Caracas system for the people, together with the working class.

“We are seeing the miracles of the working class. This is the eighth one that will incorporate parts, technology, and pieces entirely produced in Venezuela thanks to the Workers’ Productive Councils,” said Minister Arreaza.

The minister informed about the entire intervention of the system’s trains and highlighted the work of state institutions and companies that promote the creative powers of the people even in times of difficulty.

“We are heading towards a prosperous Venezuela, not only because of income but because the working class has risen in consciousness through unleashed knowledge that has transformed into production; they are working to satisfy the needs of the people,” he indicated.

Maximum welfare for the working people

On the other hand, his counterpart from the People’s Power Ministry for Transportation, Hipolito Abreu, thanked the support of the Ministry of Industries and National Production within the framework of the visit plan, which seeks to strengthen the strategic alliance between the different factors for the development of the National Railway System.

“This includes the recovery of the technological and mobilization system of the Metro de Caracas. Two years ago, we participated in the 1st Railway Meeting held jointly between Industries and Transportation, with President Nicolas Maduro, and this agreement is now underway for the Tren Caracas project,” he said.

Through the recovery of this railway fleet, the National Executive is counteracting the economic blockade affecting the Venezuelan people.

“These workers have grown. We have no limits. The needs are great, and the more dignity we give to the people, and the more dignity our workers have, that is when we will be satisfied,” concluded Minister Arreaza.

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