Vice Minister Biomorgi proposes a new development model anchored to national needs

During his participation in the panel “Industry, Development, Needs and Environment” of the 5th Venezuelan Congress of Science, Technology, and Innovation, the Vice Minister of Industrial Development, José Gregorio Biomorgi, proposed the need to discuss and advance towards a development model of our own, anchored to national needs and a plan for the permanence of life on the planet.

At the discussion table, the Vice Minister stated that development should be debated in its broadest conception, as a whole and not only anchored to economic growth variables associated with the market, following the hegemonic model imposed by the so-called developed countries.

He invited people to deepen the discussion on the “fashion of green development, green chemistry, and green production.” He also mentioned that even on climate change, the refusal of the most polluting countries to reduce emissions, “because many times, those who lead these movements in the world are the developed countries and do it as a way to control the development of other nations (…) I believe that structurally the discussion should be oriented to the efficient and rational use of the planet’s resources”.

Vice-Minister Biomorgi also encouraged to study carefully the national development plan embodied in the Plans of the Homeland (2013-2019 and 2019-2025), in which science and technology play a fundamental role.

Similarly to the question about the type of knowledge necessary linked to development and the communes, the representative of the industrial office pointed out that the communal model proposed in the respective law implies promoting a firm knowledge of the urban development systems. To generate human-friendly cities that involves harmonizing the elements that make them up.

Linda Márquez, economist of the Universidad Bolivariana de Trabajadores “Jesús Rivero”; Daniel Lew, biologist of the Instituto Venezolano de Investigaciones Científicas (Ivic) and Samuel Villanueva, researcher of the Centro Nacional de Tecnología Química (National Center of Chemical Technology) interacted online.

The 5th Venezuelan Congress of Science, Technology, and Innovation will be held in Caracas from November 29 to December 3, under the slogan “Let’s grow knowledge for life.”

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