Vice Minister Diana Castillo visits the production facilities of Maderas Del Orinoco and Mavetur

As part of the initiatives undertaken by the governing body of the country’s industrial portfolio, a multidisciplinary team led by the Vice-Minister of Small and Medium Industry and New Productive Forms, Diana Castillo, made a two-day visit to the facilities of Maderas del Orinoco-Mavetur. There she verified the functioning and operation of this relevant joint venture, which represents a fundamental pillar for the country’s Forestry Motor.

In the first instance, the inspection included a tour of Mavetur’s wood chips plant and the Uverito sawmill, where the government representatives met with the sector’s workers.

Continuing with the schedule, this Thursday, Vice Minister Castillo joined the working group with producers and representatives of the sawmills in the area, who had the opportunity to share experiences, discuss the difficulties they face, and recognize the potential they have to strengthen the nation’s productive sector.

Additionally, he held a meeting with a representation of the Productive Councils of Workers (CPTT) and the Union of Workers of Maderas del Orinoco, who expressed their concerns about the actions to come and their commitment to consolidate the forestry industry as one of the most productive in Venezuela and the world.

This past November, the People’s Power Minister of Industries and National Production, Jorge Arreaza, flew over the Pino Caribe plantations and the facilities of Maderas Del Orinoco, intending to evaluate the plan for the planting and protection of forests, the recovery of firebreaks, and the expansion of the industry and the Forestry Motor.

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