VIII High-Level Joint Commission Venezuela – Belarus installed

This Wednesday, the VIII Venezuela-Belarus High-Level Joint Commission was installed, which seeks, among other objectives, to expand the productive capacities in the agricultural area to satisfy the domestic needs of the Venezuelan people.

This was informed by the President of this Commission, Ricardo Menendez, who added that one of Venezuela’s main goals for the year 2022 is to maximize the production capacities of the different factories in the country. Therefore, “part of this Commission will be deployed this afternoon to Barinas to visit the largest truck and tractor factories in the country, with a capacity of 10 thousand and 5 thousand units per year each, respectively”.

The Vice-President of the Sector and People’s Power Minister of Planning also emphasized that in the agricultural area, the productive projects developed in the country will be reviewed. As well as the new phases of expansion of the productive capacities to satisfy the domestic needs of the Venezuelan people.

Likewise, during his speech at the Installation, Menendez highlighted the importance of the relationship between Venezuela and Belarus, since both nations come from “long years of resistance of the struggle for the self-determination of each one of our peoples.”

In this sense, the Vice-President said that both countries “have long years defending the concept of self-determination, the concept of sovereignty and the need to defend the human right to development,” concluded Menendez.

For his part, Viktor Sheiman, representative of the President of Belarus, Aleksandr Lukashenko, indicated that the installation of this Commission responds to the need to “continue with the development of these relations and form new bases for the development of these projects, mainly in the sphere of trade and economy, which represent the fundamental basis for the development of our two peoples.”

It is worth mentioning that this Commission will develop work tables during two days in Venezuela in which they will address issues such as Science and Technology, Industry, Agriculture, Transportation, Housing, Petrochemicals, and Food.

Press MPPP

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