Minister Biomorgi guarantees the supply of materials to promote the Construction Motor

In the first annual work meeting of the Construction Engine, held this Wednesday in Caracas, the People’s Power Minister of Industries and National Production, Jose Biomorgi, guaranteed the supply of raw materials to achieve the objectives set by the National Government in the field of housing construction.

During the inter-institutional meeting, they evaluated the nine strategic lines of action. Among them, the installation of work tables that have allowed progress in the legal, labor, operational and institutional areas, so the Construction Engine projected towards 2022 as a fundamental pillar for national development.

“This is a year of growth where, surely, would activate the Construction Motor with more strength; count on the people of Venezuela and the private sector that from Industries we will guarantee everything necessary to guarantee the objectives of our homeland,” said Minister Biomorgi.

Part of the Bolivarian Economic Agenda is the Construction Motor is to promote the construction of public works, housing in the national territory, industrializing and developing national capacities as new alternatives for the sector.

Contribution to GDP

The Minister of Habitat and Housing, Ildemaro Villarroel, declared that this year would see the activation of the state construction bodies. To articulate all the policies of the national government as well prioritize and achieve the objectives set.

“In 2021, we achieved great agreements, and we have set concrete objectives in the 2022-2024 plan that President Nicolas Maduro asked us to establish central objectives, such as reaching the contribution in 8% of the GDP,” added Minister Villarroel.

 The Venezuelan Chamber of Construction valued the meeting as a relevant starting point.

“We are confident that results can come out of this meeting in the short term that will enable the objective of all of us, which is to reactivate the sector, a sector that battered but which has an impressive growth potential,” said Rafael Torrealba.

Also present at the meeting were representatives of the Bolivarian Chamber of Construction and spokespersons of the working class.

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