Governments of Venezuela and Belarus advance in the reactivation of the Santa Ines Industrial Complex

The People’s Power Minister of Industries and National Production, Jose Biomorgi, held a meeting this Monday with Belarus Ambassador Andrei Leonidovich Molchan. And the reactivation plan of the Santa Ines Industrial Complex in Barinas State was evaluated, Venezuela.

During the meeting, the authorities agreed on a visit of a technical commission from the Minsk tractor factory to Venezuela. The commission will visit the industrial complex to evaluate and re-establish the production capacities of the Veneminsk joint venture.

The plan was agreed upon by the governments of Venezuela and Belarus within the framework of the VIII High-Level Joint Commission, held in Caracas in December 2021.

At this binational meeting, the reactivation of the Santa Ines Industrial Complex, the Veneminsk tractor factory, and the Mazven truck factory became the main item on the industrial agenda.

The Belarusian-Venezuelan joint venture “Veneminsk Tractores C.A.” was inaugurated in 2012. It can manufacture three models of tractors: 62, 89, and 130 horsepower, according to the different needs of the agro-industrial sector.

With automotive-company Mazven, which manufactures trucks, and Maquinarias Barinas, Veneminsk makes up the Santa Ines Industrial Complex.

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