Minister Biomorgi says: A new productive model is emerging, anchored to economic growth

The People’s Power Minister of Industries and National Production, Jose Biomorgi, affirmed that in 2021 the Venezuelan industry celebrated historic production milestones in the various sectors of the country.

During an interview on the television program “Café en la mañana,” in Venezolana de Television (VTV), the head of the industrial portfolio informed that it started an arduous recovery of the productive process in the Basic companies and the wood sector; of plastics generation and the automotive-sector. Even, after the illegal economic sanctions imposed on the nation since 2015. Despite the electrical sabotage in 2019, that left important structural and mechanical affectations in Venezuelan companies.

Regarding the obtained achievements throughout these years of siege against the country, the Minister indicated that> “In the Corporacion Venezolana de Guayana (CVG) we have a production capacity of over 50%. While in the aluminum sector, we have already recovered more than 150 cells; besides, we are producing slabs, wire rods, and billets.”

He also stressed the importance of the Workers’ Productive Councils (CPTT) empowerment, which has allowed relevant advances in the industrial sector. “We have reached historic production milestones. In the steelworks, we reached the achievement of making more than 410 continuous castings. In the wood sector, we have been reforesting and generating new productive spaces; from 2020 to 2021, we have increased the cement sector by 60%, and we plan to increase production by approximately 88% to bring 2 million tons of cement to the Venezuelan people.”

Domestic production

Minister Biomorgi also highlighted the power that the working class is taking in the different productive spaces, which has allowed joint decision-making and the recovery of national production, including the substitution of imports.

“Together with the working class, we have resisted, and we have changed our production schemes […]. In 2021 there was a historical break from an old to a new model; we are building this new model, there is a rebirth of the homeland, of our productive spaces and companies,” he stated.

The Minister specified that the industrial development plan, outlined until 2024, seeks to maintain and progressively increase production, following the Venezuelan economic growth and continuously evaluating the domestic needs and the national demand in the following sectors: aluminum, plastic, steel, cement, wood and automotive.

There will be no privatization

On the other hand, Minister Biomorgi dismissed the opinion matrixes that suggest the privatization of some productive spaces. “There is no privatization here. The President (Nicolas Maduro) has been emphatic in that. We must remember our anti-blockade law that seeks to boost the productive apparatus. That law allows us to establish alliances with the private sector to boost production. The Ministry of Industries has established strategic spaces in the hands of the State, and we will continue to maintain them. There will be no privatizations,” He emphasized.

Minister Biomorgi concluded by inviting the Venezuelan people to keep working together to increase the country’s productive capacity. “2021 broke an old model and, we are building it in constant Revolution which allows us to correct and move forward, we must criticize to move forward for the benefit of the people.”

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