President Maduro: Venezuela is heading towards a path of the future

Federal Legislative Palace, Caracas.- “There is no other country in the world like Venezuela, like this land, like this generous, noble and supportive people,” said the President of the Republic, Nicolas Maduro Moros, during his Annual Message to the Nation, held this Saturday at the Federal Legislative Palace, located in Caracas.

In contrast, he highlighted that other countries have access to housing, education, public services, and health care as a commodity.

“The migrant people who decided to look for other alternatives went through Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, and Chile. The first thing they tell their families is that here everything is paid for with one eye and even two eyes of the face,” he argued.

He added that thousands of migrants have returned, fleeing from that reality in the past months.

“How many thousands have returned? Now the fashion is to return. There is nothing like Venezuela. They go back and throw out the stories, an arm and a leg for rent, electricity, gas, front right, water, sanitary toilet, transportation, tolls, telephony”.

In the year 2021, more than 350 thousand Venezuelan men and women have returned to the country through the Return to the Homeland Plan.

“Here is your Homeland Venezuela, waiting for your return so that you can come and share the growth and happiness of a Homeland that takes the path of the future,” said the National President to the migrants.

Presidential Press

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