Maduro ordered to revolutionize the rhythm of work and decision-making in productive matters

The Head of State, Nicolas Maduro Moros, gave instructions to his government team to revolutionize the pace of work and decision-making to solve problems and increase the production capacity of goods, services and wealth for the country.

In this sense, he instructed the Minister of People’s Power for Industries and National Production, Jose Gregorio Biomorgi, to create efficient work mechanisms to support the Workers’ Productive Councils (CPTT) in administrative matters, advice on technological innovation, obtaining raw materials, and financing.

“We have strong muscle (…) Venezuela has what it takes to grow in production to resolve raw material, financing, and investment for growth”, highlighted the President.

Nicolas Maduro also ordered the Executive Vice President of the Republic, Delcy Rodríguez, to put at the service of the CPTTs all the capacity of the Council of Ministers. “To have the virtuous mechanisms, to include in the 1×10 of good governance the General Staff of the CPTTs, to attend in real-time (…) to the two thousand 555 CPTTs, in the Miraflores Palace itself”.

The President offered these words during his participation in the Third National Meeting of the Workers’ Productive Councils (CPTT), held this February 7 in western Caracas.

Presidential Press

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