President Maduro outlined tasks to protect the peace of the Homeland

Los Proceres, Caracas. – To protect the peace of the Homeland, the President of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Nicolas Maduro, outlined tasks to be consolidated in the different strategic sectors of the country.

During the commemoration of the 30th Anniversary of the Rebellion of February 4, 1992, National Dignity Day, from Los Proceres, in Caracas, he pointed out that, by shielding peace, we would protect our democracy and constitution from imperialist conspiracies.

In this sense, he explained that there are also massive tasks to strengthen economic growth and the construction of new economic prosperity from Venezuela, which “is not going to fall from the sky.”

He explained that there would be prosperity resulting from the resistance and the creative work of the Venezuelan people. He said while assessing that the country has already experienced “the first year of economic growth” and that “between now and 2030, we are going to have a decade of growth, recovery, new prosperity and a new post-oil economy.”

Recovery of Missions and Great Missions

The President pointed out that as “we recover the national wealth, we have to recover the state of the Missions and Great Missions, and we have to continue building houses for the people.”

In this sense, he ratified for 2022 the construction of 500 thousand new houses to reach the goal of 4,400 thousand homes towards the 5 million houses to continue recovering the Mission Barrio Adentro 100% Health.

All the lines of action are focused on the consolidation of free and quality public education. The President said: “Already, free public education reaches 84% of the global education, and schooling has reached 92%.”

President Maduro emphasized the relevance of strengthening the Homeland Card, the Homeland Platform. “Now with the 3R. Nets: Resistance, Renaissance, and Revolution to change everything that needs improvement. It is the new era of transition to socialism.”

“That is the 2030 course we are walking. Thirty years have passed, how intense how fast! Thirty years later, we still have the marvellous spirit of the Bolivarian renaissance of that day. Thirty years later, here are the people of Bolivar, victorious and in revolution, heading towards a new era”, the Venezuelan President pointed out.

Presidential Press

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