Minister Biomorgi projects increased production with working-class Venvidrio in Valera

One month after the start-up of the Venezolana del Vidrio (Venvidrio) plant in Valera, Trujillo state, the Minister of People’s Power for Industries and National Production, Jose Gregorio Biomorgi, visited this company, which represents a fundamental pillar for the development of the country.

During the visit, the head of the industrial office inspected the three furnaces and all the production lines before holding an assembly with the company’s Productive Council of Workers (CPTT), during which the different aspects to be addressed in the productive spaces for the promotion and increase of production were discussed.

As a concrete result of that assembly, with the participation of Minister Biomorgi; the Deputy Minister of Intermediate and Light Industries, Tania Rios; spokespersons of the CPTT, and the authorities of the corporation and the glass industry, set up a working table to generate an action plan.

Venezolana del Vidrio recently reactivated the plant’s furnace A located in Trujillo State, for the manufacture of bottles for the health sector.

Last March 9, on a Productive Wednesday, the President of the Republic, Nicolas Maduro, expressed his full support to the company and the working class.

 “They have my full support for the investments that need to be made. May the Presidential Scientific Council stand by the side of the workers, to look for the technological solution”, emphasized the President in his speech.

President Maduro, on that occasion, instructed the sectoral vice president of Economy, Tareck El Aissami, and Minister Biomorgi, to move forward in the development of an import substitution plan in the sector.

“We have to put the Venezuelan glass industry 100% productive and replace all imported elements,” he specified.

Venvidrio has more than 400 workers at its plant in Valera. In the Los Guayos plant, Carabobo state, the company has about 700 workers.

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