National Government reactivates Santa Ines Industrial Complex in alliance with Belarus

This Monday, People’s Power Ministers for Industries and National Production (Jose Gregorio Biomorgi) and Planning (Ricardo Menendez) inspected the Veneminsk and Mazven companies of the Santa Ines Industrial Complex in Barinas State. The reactivation of these took place in alliance with the Republic of Belarus.

The visit of both authorities to the plant, together with the Belarusian ambassador in Venezuela, Andrei Molchan, is circumscribed by the agreements reached at the 8th Venezuela-Belarus High-Level Joint Commission, held in Caracas in December 2021.

In the first quarter of 2022, Venemisk has managed to produce 30 tractors, of which 18 are fully operational and 12 in test phases, while another four units are in the assembly process, Minister Biomorgi specified in statements to the press.

“This is an example of the resistance and resilience shown by the working class in Venezuela for many years. As a result of the blockade, it was difficult for us to continue producing in this company. However, the working class is standing firm and taking care of its productive spaces”, said the head of the industrial portfolio.

Veneminsk Tractores C.A. is a Belarusian-Venezuelan joint venture inaugurated in 2012 with the capacity to manufacture three models of tractors: 62, 89, and 130 horsepower, according to the needs of the Venezuelan people, especially in the agricultural sector.

Minister Biomorgi assured that it would be a productive space for the Bolivarian Government to progressively continue to rise within the economic revival of the nation.

A legacy of Commander Hugo Chavez

For his part, Minister Ricardo Menendez highlighted Venezuela’s enormous productive potential, evidenced by the reactivation of this industrial complex.

“Commander Chavez generated the productive map of Venezuela, and here are the tools for the battle, for the victory, for the resistance, and it is part of what President Nicolas Maduro has summoned us to do,” added the also sectorial vice-president of Planning.

Mazven is also part of the Santa Ines Industrial Complex established for the production of trucks.

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