The Venezuelan government explores areas of industrial cooperation with Indonesia and Lebanon

After two meetings, the Venezuelan government, the Republic of Indonesia, and the Republic of Lebanon explored several areas of industrial cooperation and investment. These meetings took place in Caracas with the Vice Minister of Industrial Development, Cesar Basanta, and representatives of both countries.

In the meeting with Aris Munandar Kusumah, in charge of Indonesian Commercial Affairs, the different sectors of the Venezuelan industry were reviewed and commercial technical tables were agreed upon to establish a concrete work agenda.

Likewise, the representative of the Asian nation provided information about potential products that Indonesia could be exporting to the country, a procedure that will be consolidated in the upcoming technical tables that seek to meet the needs of both nations.

Regarding the meeting with the Lebanese ambassador, Elías Lebbos, Vice Minister Basanta explained that it was agreed to send the portfolio of companies and the review of concrete proposals issued by entrepreneurs that will allow investment in the national territory safely.

The Lebanese diplomat explained the portfolio of products that they could be brought to Venezuela, including food and pharmaceutical products, to favor the revival of the Venezuelan industry.

In both strategic meetings, Vice Minister Basanta presented the portfolio of opportunities in terms of investment in Venezuela, covering forestry, textiles, plastics, glass, and metal mechanics, among other areas.

The parties also agreed to continue working hand in hand to promote possible investments oriented by the People’s Ministry of Industries and National Production that are favorable to the interests of the nation and that allow strengthening the cost structures of the companies involved.

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