Venezuela assembles tractors after agreement with Belarus

The Vice-President of the Planning Sector, Ricardo Menendez, said on Thursday that the first tractors were assembled in the country as a result of the agreements reached between Venezuela – Belarus High-Level Mixed Commission.

It was the final statement by the end of a Follow-up Meeting of the High-Level Commission. Menendez assured that this means “an early victory in terms of the developed work” between the two nations.

Minister Menendez (also Minister of Planning, co-president of the Commission) indicated that this meeting took place to make “a follow-up of each of the things that we have advanced” within the Commission.

In this regard, he recalled that recently an air transport team from Belarus visited the country, and balances are reviewed to turn Venezuela into a transport epicenter for the world, both for cargo and passengers.

Finally, Menendez informed that there would be a review next week of what is currently in the factory in addition to new “production waves” that the country is carrying out with Belarusian factories.

The Minister of Industries and National Production, Jose Gregorio Biomorgi, attended the meeting. He ensured that this new phase of economic recovery that Venezuela is going through reinforces the production system of three of the Santa Ines Industrial Complex factories (tractors, trucks, and heavy machinery). This phase will “shield this whole strategy of the after-sales services of all this equipment that we are going to design,” concluded Biomorgi.

Likewise, the Ambassador of Belarus in Venezuela, Andrei Molchan, also attended the meeting and indicated that the joint work strategies between both nations are focused on logistics, transportation, housing, and industry, “essential for each countries’ ideas,” concluded Molchan.

Press MPPP

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