Civetchi will assemble buses to serve the Venezuelan people

The Venezuelan Industrial Consortium of Chinese Technology (Civetchi) will soon begin the assembly of buses to serve the Venezuelan people. The People’s Power Ministries for Industries and National Production and Transportation have joined forces through their assigned entities for this matter.

From the company’s headquarters in Carabobo state, the Vice-Minister of Transportation, Claudio Farias, and the president of the Corporacion Socialista del Sector Automotor (Corsoauto), Carlos Dos Santos, evaluated this Tuesday all the production lines. Especially the chassis manufacturing lines to prepare the work plan to be implemented.

“We have seen how a plant of our national Government, of the Ministry of Industries, is active, working, producing vehicles for the homeland. But also, we have reviewed all the production lines to start assembling buses that will soon be on the streets to serve our people”, highlighted Vice Minister Farias.

The president of Corsoauto, for his part, detailed that the inspection of the plant allowed the evaluation of all aspects related to the assembly of the first transportation units that will benefit the Venezuelan population.

At the end of 2021, the Minister of Industries and National Production, Jose Gregorio Biomorgi, inspected this company to verify the processes and spaces in the production lines of sedan-type vehicles and trucks.

The company assembled more than 400 vehicles last year within the framework of the re-promotion of the national automotive sector.

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