Ministry of Industries and National Production creates synergy with metal-mechanical industrialists of Táchira

This Monday, Pedro Maldonado (Vice-Minister of Basic Industries, alongside Diana Castillo, Vice-Minister for Small and Medium Industry and New Productive Forms) held a videoconference with representatives of the metal-mechanic industry of Táchira to attend to the requests and proposals of this transforming sector of the Andean entity.

The purpose of the telematic meeting was to create synergy between the industrial sectors to achieve coordinated support, strategic and commercial alliances with the full activation of SIDOR. The conference also sought to take advantage of the “Corporacion Venezolana de Guayana” (CVG) for raw material supplies to the businessmen.

To this effect, they agreed to establish a direct communication channel that would allow them to systematize the proposals and the joint work schedule. All this is in addition to the respective technical inspections in each of the companies.

“To make the commercialization process as healthy and as transparent as possible, and also to be able to evidence their capacities and where improvements can be incorporated in their production processes so that they have a higher profitability,” explained Vice Minister Maldonado.

The also president of CVG expressed the commitment of the Bolivarian Government to the promotion of the metal-mechanic industrial sector of Táchira. Regardless of the unfavorable effects of the blockade imposed on the country.

“We are not only ready, but we also are determined, we are committed to achieving this […] Anything made in Venezuela is better than anything brought from abroad; we cannot have the slightest doubt about that”, he stressed.

The Vice-Minister said that the national economy is beginning to show evident signs of recovery. That is why this type of exchange and the materialization of the proposals “will lead us to have the year 2022 that we at the Corporation see as a good year, not only for CVG but for the entire national economy”.

Regarding exports, he urged entrepreneurs to seize the advantages and benefits that Venezuela has. And also to highlight the experience that private industrialists have in the organization of their production centers to become more profitable and with an exceptional vocation for the export market.

Financing is under evaluation

For her part, Vice Minister Diana Castillo stated that meetings are currently in progress with representatives of the banks and analyzing other financing mechanisms for entrepreneurs.

“We are taking the necessary steps to be able to guarantee or establish links of any sort with the banking entities for the financing of raw materials,” she said.

The businessmen who ratified their absolute will to produce in Venezuela, manufacture, among other inputs, auto parts, spare parts for motorcycles, and bodywork for buses.

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