President Maduro creates the Engine for Entrepreneurs

This Wednesday, The President of the Republic, Nicolas Maduro, announced the creation of the Engine for Entrepreneurs. It corresponds to number 18 of the Bolivarian Economic Schedule and the launching of the portal as a platform for integrating this sector.

He pointed out that this new productive engine arises with the purpose of “attending the entrepreneurs in a close way. It has to be an intimate, close, deep work so that they do not lack anything”. Meanwhile, he said that 178,688 enterprises have registered in the census developed through the Patria Platform.

Regarding the “Emprender Juntos” portal, he explained that it seeks to integrate all Venezuelan entrepreneurs. Through their business ideas, they can dynamize a solid economy of the country and will also function as a space for registration, financing, and the creation of a substantial network for this economic sector.

He made these announcements in a new televised edition of the Industrial Engine chapter of Productive Wednesday, alongside Executive Vice-President of the Republic, Delcy Rodriguez, and the People’s Power Minister for Industries and National Production, Jorge Arreaza. It developed from a festival of entrepreneurship installed in the Plaza Diego Ibarra in downtown Caracas.

During the activity, the Head of State also highlighted that the Venezuelan National Fund for Entrepreneurship, established in the “Law for the Promotion and Development of New Enterprises,” approved in mid-October by the National Assembly, is in the creation phase. “We are creating all the internal architecture, financial engineering and, well before the end of November, I want to have the fund activated, delivering resources to entrepreneurs,” he estimated.

The president insisted that the future of the new engine lies in the financing, in creating extraordinary portfolios through the public and private banks to facilitate access to capital for the entrepreneurial sector and equalize it.

Similarly, in a meeting with the entrepreneurial sector, Vice-President Delcy Rodriguez stated the proposal to submit to the National Assembly specific reforms to the law to promote the new motor, which can grow in production.

President Maduro also instructed to exempt artisan entrepreneurs from paying taxes for ten years. Therefore they can lay the foundations and grow.

For his part, Minister Jorge Arreaza stated the need to create conditions in the national industry to prioritize benefits to entrepreneurs. “For example, Sidor or Venalum should offer them special prices, as well as private industry. Craft beer bottles manufacturing is available in Venvidrio. It is to make a complete support policy, with special conditions from the big and small industry to the entrepreneurs so that they grow”, he emphasized.

Plastic and cement industries

During the transmission of the Productive Wednesday, Banco de Venezuela granted five credits to craft beer producers. Its president, Roman Maniglia, announced that they would soon launch the first exclusive product for entrepreneurs in the country, called Emprende BDV Program, which will go beyond granting financing. “We are going to create an accompaniment for the entrepreneur to build his brand and learn how to sell.”

In the municipality of San Francisco de Yare, Miranda State, during the presidential event transmitted on television, established contact with the “Complejo Industrial Del Plastico Socialismo Tuyero.” Jose Gregorio Biomorgi (Vice Minister of Industrial Development) and Jaime Lopez (President of the “Corporacion Venezolana Del Plastico”) commented on the experience of the working class. Who assumed production as a tool to fight against the unilateral coercive measures imposed by the United States government in a new model of entrepreneurship and creativity.

Given this example of workers’ organization, President Maduro ordered to improve strategic planning and the administration of the processes in terms of economic growth. A view to guarantee all the links of the productive process, national sales and open international markets to all Venezuelan industries. For both State and socialist and mixed and private, of all sizes and economic engines “A new diversified economic model has been born in Venezuela, which is in the hands of its people,” he said.

In another television contact, from the Cerro Azul Plant of the “Corporacion Socialista Del Cemento,” in the municipality of Piar, Monagas State, the Vice Minister of Intermediate and Light Industries, Tania Rios, and the President of the Corporación Socialista De Cemento, Colonel Neptali Acosta Prieto, reported the production of this company and the value of the workers’ organization in the achievements reached.

The Head of State commented that Cerro Azul has the most advanced technology in the country to produce cement and, that has reached the satisfaction of the national demand. “I have approved the 2022 cement export plan, through which, for the first time, Venezuela will start exporting the product to the Caribbean”.

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