Bolivarian Government designs road rehabilitation plan in Guarico with national technology

In a joint visit to the state of Guárico, the People’s Power Ministers of Industries and National Production, Jose Biomorgi, and of Science and Technology, Gabriela Jimenez, evaluated this Thursday with Governor Jose Vaquez a series of actions aimed at regional development, especially the possibility of applying new technologies for the road rehabilitation plan in the state.

The Ministerial authorities, who visited Guárico in response to an invitation from the regional governor, made an “in situ” inspection together with their work teams and a delegation from the Venezuelan Petroleum Technological Institute (INTEVEP) to draw up the road map and make the asphalting plan a reality.

“Guarico is one of the states through which a good amount of the food produced in the plains states transits. Therefore this road rehabilitation plan is a necessity; through new industrial developments, we can respond to a need of our people,” said Minister Biomorgi in statements to the media.

The head of the industrial office denounced the imposition of illegal unilateral coercive measures on Venezuela. However, he said that the economic situation derived from the “sanctions” favored the study of Venezuela’s technologies.


On the other hand, Minister Biomorgi referred to the positive evolution of the country in terms of industrial and economic development in 2021 concerning the two previous years.

“During the pandemic, when most countries in the world have had a setback in their economic growth, Venezuela had a positive evolution, and all international organizations project that 2022 will be a year of higher growth due to an improvement in production and industrialization conditions,” he asserted.

Regional development

Minister Gabriela Jimenez focused her balance on the Alcaraván Technological Systems Complex tour in San Juan de Los Morros. She also evaluated the development of technological platforms along with the proposal of intelligent traffic lights and other experiences promoted from the region in favor of the welfare of the people.

For his part, Governor Jose Vasquez specified during the day reviewed several areas of importance for the entity.

“The innovative and technological area is one of the vertices in the development of our state, through science, technology, and innovation. We have touched on important elements for the area of roads, looking for new alternatives to continue overcoming the complexities caused by the blockade,” he added.

Minister Biomorgi met with Governor Jose Vasquez this Wednesday in Caracas. They reviewed the industrial potential of the state and continue promoting the productive development of the region.

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