Corpivensa diversified products and rehabilitates the infrastructure of its plants in 2021

Corporacion de Industrias Intermedias de Venezuela S.A. (Corpivensa) diversified the products of its plants and subsidiaries during the year 2021, in addition to rehabilitating, recovering, and adapting its infrastructure to guarantee that the national industrial sector will continue to grow exponentially in 2022.

Corpivensa’s Project Manager, Jorge Martos, indicated that they obtained a relevant advance last year at the productive level by a series of new products in the Limpihogar plant, located in Aragua state; which already produced chlorine and disinfectant brands for the whole country.

“Thanks to Corpivensa’s agreement with private enterprise and the commitment of the working class, we have achieved the production of degreasers, dishwashers, and liquid laundry soap, to expand the product portfolio and position them in the national market,” he stated.

On the other hand, he informed that one of the outstanding achievements of his management was the recovery, adaptation, and rehabilitation of plants: Invetex, Villa de Cura Refrigeration Plant, and Villa de Cura Mother Plant, to improve their production activities.

Among the works carried out in these production units, the complete rehabilitation of the bathrooms, the maintenance of the electrical system, and the machinery of Invetex, based in Tinaquillo, Cojedes state. “In addition, they weeded the green areas, painted the entire façade, and overhauled the silk-screen printing area,” he explained.

As for the Villa de Cura Refrigeration Plant and the Villa de Cura Mother Plant, located in Aragua state, they carried out the preventive boarding of the machinery, the complete lighting in all areas, the repair of two deep-water wells, and the cleaning of the external areas of the plants.

In this sense, the corporate authority emphasized that these actions of reconditioning the plants allow the development of productive spaces and provide better working conditions to the working class to continue promoting the national production of the nation.

Social management

The Projects Manager informed the execution of these 2021 works through inter-institutional exchanges with other entities for the rehabilitation and adequacy of infrastructure in two Integral Diagnostic Centres in Caracas.

“During the year 2021, the General Project Management not only focused on the plants but also deployed with other entities to support the rehabilitation and maintenance of two Integral Diagnostic Centres. One in Cochecito and the other at kilometer 2 of the Pan-American Highway, as part of our point and circle work,” he said. Corpivensa has as the premise to continue to promote industrial sovereignty. Given the relevant progress in the rescue of plants and subsidiaries affected by the effects of the imperial economic war.

– Corpivensa

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