Minister Biomorgi highlights the strengthening of the cement industry hand in hand with the working class

Part of the social policies promoted by the government of President Nicolas Maduro is to promote the leading role of the working class in the different sectors of the economy and national production; This resulted in the presentation balance of the new socialist management model of the Corporacion Socialista del Cemento (CSC).

The head of the cement corporation, Neptali Acosta, pointed out how important it is to put the working class at the forefront in the processes such as commercialization, distribution, planning, and problem-solving. These were taken into account to guarantee the production that allows the generation of wealth, which translates into socioeconomic benefits for the male and female workers.

“We are consolidating this plan and this management model that we started last year, the first year of the growth of the real economy of our people, a real growth that became a model that provided positive results in the productive and in the vindictive for the working class,” Acosta pointed out.

The People’s Power Minister of Industries and National Production, Jorge Biomorgi, pointed out that the presentation of this balance resulted in the appropriation taken by the working class in the different sectors of national production. They “organized themselves in workers’ productive councils and have initiated processes of import substitution and strengthening of our productive processes.

Minister Biomorgi affirmed that the Socialist Corporation would guarantee all the necessary cement for the Great Venezuelan Housing Mission this year. Additionally, the increased days of solidarity sales of this resource in the communities despite the attacks that seek to reduce the national production.

Worker force promotes the 3Rs

During the event, there was an announcement. Where the engineers, technicians, chemists, lawyers, consultants, administrators, specialists, operators, and those in charge of packaging and dispatch that make up the CSC, will promote the debate on the 3R.nets (Resistance, Rebirth, Revolution) proposed by President Nicolas Maduro throughout the national territory.

In everything our citizens aspire to achieve, cement is present, from house building, businesses, properties. As one people, who do not give up, who resist, who are reborn and who revolutionized, we will revolutionize everything that we must revolutionize in this era of the 3R.nets towards 2030 with love for the industry, for the country to produce concrete, cement, and benefits for the economic growth of the homeland”, concluded the CSC president.

The President of the Republic, Nicolas Maduro, was invited to advance in the objectives set for the rebirth of dreams, faith, and Bolivarianism of the country’s working class. “We have to build inwards, the muscle of the homeland, of the revolution, which is the working class. Without an organized, mobilized, and building working class, there would never be a true socialist revolution for this to be true. It has to have the working class organized and empowered and at the forefront of the changes of the great processes”, said President Nicolas Maduro Moros in his last speech.

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