Venezuela will keep fighting to recover its sequestered assets abroad

Venezuela remains in permanent activity to recover its assets sequestered abroad by imperial forces. “We are in permanent diplomatic, political and legal activity. We are conducting a lawsuit in London to recover the Central Bank of Venezuela (BCV) gold reserves. Sufficient evidence has been provided there by the legitimate authorities of the BCV”, stated the President of the Republic, Nicolas Maduro, in an interview granted to writer Ignacio Ramonet.

However, the Head of State dismissed: “If they were trials following justice, Venezuela would have to return the money that belongs to the BCV.”

In the case of the company CITGO, he recalled that it has “six refineries in the United States, more than 7 thousand gasoline stations. This company made important contributions to Venezuela.” And to this regard, “we will continue to seek through judicial and legal channels to recover CITGO, despite the imperial justice and the seizure of the company.”

Regarding Monomeros company: “It is a company well managed by the Revolution. Broken, embezzled and destroyed by bandits: Juan Guaido, Leopoldo Lopez” and company.

He did not hesitate to point out that, in these matters, they are in a deep moral struggle. “These people have shown the moral rottenness in which they move. They put their claws in it like birds of prey and what they have done is to steal it” and “not to mention the 1.6 billion dollars that the U.S. government said it had given to the Guaido opposition, resources from the U.S. taxpayers”.

“We are facing a very corrupt ultra-right-wing that sells its country,” criticized the President.

When asked about his reading of the “multiplication of victories in the progressive camp” in Latin America, the President pointed out that neoliberalism is deeply exhausted. “It has kept in the last twenty years based on repression (…) It has no answer for the peoples, it is exhausted”.

“On February 27, the people of Venezuela were the first to rise against the International Monetary Fund. We are going to celebrate now on February 4, 2022, 30 years against neoliberal policies”, he said as part of Venezuela’s vanguard spirit against neoliberal policies.

International Politics

Asked about the international policy Venezuela – United States, President Maduro ratified: “I have said on several occasions, Donald Trump left, but the empire is still intact. Joe Biden arrived, as a great promise of change for humanity”, but “concerning Venezuela, everything remains the same, the financial, monetary, oil, economic and commercial persecution. There has not been a single sign of rectification, of improvement of all these cruel measures”.

“When we went to Mexico, we went with the understanding that by sitting down to talk with the extremist Guaido’s opposition, we were sitting down to talk with the United States. But, we already know the fate of Mexico’s negotiations. It was from the North that they made the stab in the back to derail the Mexican peace negotiations,” he recalled.

“I always say to my comrades, leaders, leaders, political leaders, of the Great Patriotic Pole (GPP), United Socialist Party of Venezuela (PSUV), governors and governors: let’s not expect anything but from ourselves.”

“Hopefully, who knows when and with whom the possibilities of a direct, courageous, sincere, and understanding dialogue with the government of the United States will open up. If it happens, very well, and if it does not happen, we will continue on our way”, he concluded.

Presidential Press

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