Minister Biomorgi presents advances in different sectors of the national industry

The Minister of People’s Power for Industries and National Production, José Biomorgi, informed in an interview this Wednesday during the “Via Alterna” program of Radio Nacional de Venezuela that the Basic companies have as a goal this year to recover 260 aluminum production cells out of the 800 in the country, through the implementation of a progressive plan for national production and development.

In the program hosted by journalist Isbemar Jiménez, the head of the national production portfolio emphasized the severe threats and destabilizing actions that the Venezuelan Government has faced. These actions sought to stop national production to directly affect the sectors of the Basic companies and the companies that provide the raw material for the generation of finished products.

In this respect, he cataloged as a “rebirth” the process of innovation and alternatives search to continue the works leaving aside the strong dependence experienced in the industries; concerning products, machinery, and spare parts coming from the countries that have imposed the blockade on Venezuela. “With our capacities, we began to substitute inputs such as gypsum and refractory materials. We began to use recycled plastic through trial and error tests, allowing us to develop national technology,” he indicated.

“We have produced around 2 million tons of finished products in the Basic Industries, and 2021 we will break the shackle production record thanks to the commitment of the working class”, he highlighted.

He also pointed out that more than 150 aluminum production cells recovered – a sector that, he stressed, was the most affected by the electric sabotage of 2019 – and that the goal for 2022 is to mend 260 cells used to supply Venezuelan people.

On the other hand, he assured that the national industry currently could supply all the cement required by the public and private sectors.

“As of 2014, a decrease in cement production began, and we fell to 700 thousand tons in 2020; in 2021, this fall stopped, and we even reversed it, and we increased cement production by 58%. We went from 740 tons to almost 1 million 200 thousand tons of cement; this year, our goal is 2 million tons in a progressive increase”, he stated in the radio interview.

Minister Biomorgi also informed that he is evaluating, together with the Minister of the People’s Power for Transportation, Hipólito Abreu, the processes to activate the state assemblers of the automotive sector through the reactivation of the Corporación Socialista Automotor, which has plants in Valencia, Tejerías, Maracay and Barinas.

“We are starting the recovery process with what is most sensitive for the people: to produce machinery, tractors, trucks for construction, that is why we focused on going in phases: In the first phase we are going to reactivate our Santa Inés Industrial Complex where tractors, trucks, machinery and electric plants assembled.”

Finally, he specified the plans to reactivate the tractor company in the first quarter of the year, to later start the assembly of trucks and buses, following the State’s Economic Plan.

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