On February 4, Venezuela began to gallop for the reconstruction of Venezuela

Los Proceres, Caracas. – With the civic-military February 4 rebellion, 1992, a new gallop began to sound through the streets and roads that paved the way to Venezuela’s reconstruction, stated the President of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Nicolas Maduro, during the commemoration of the 30th Anniversary of the Rebellion of February 4, 1992, National Dignity Day.

Alongside the combatants of 4F, Cilia Flores de Maduro, Lieutenant Colonel Francisco Javier Arias Cárdenas, and Captain Diosdado Cabello, the President expressed that at that time, nobody imagined that “the sound of a new gallop brought a new history for our people. It brought from the depth of time of 500 years of resistance, the strength of centuries to take back the road, now victorious with the original project.”

The Dignitary pointed out that it was unthinkable to imagine that “from those tumultuous times, of popular rebellion, a military rebellion of dignity, a military rebellion of bravery, was brewing.”

The Venezuelan head of State expressed that those days are a treasure in the minds and hearts of those patriotic and Bolivarian youth.

The Venezuelan President emphasized that “There’s a treasure in the classrooms of the military academies and the barracks. It’s Bolivar’s words, Ezequiel Zamora’s example, and the words and thoughts of Simon Rodriguez.”

In his opinion, it was “that youth that with our Commander Hugo Chavez was building from the greatest treasures, from the heroic history of Venezuela, a project for the pacification of Venezuela, the reconstruction of Venezuela, the constituent and democratic re-foundation of the Republic,” he underlined.

“They were treasuring dreams until the day came. And someone had to do it, and that dawn of February 4th resurrected in the face of Chavez, in Chavez’s thoughts, the historical dream of Simon Bolivar, the dreams of the Patria Grande”, he pointed out concerning the message that Chavez gave on February 4. And it is still a treasure in the minds of the Bolivarian youth.

President Maduro argued that all this rebellious movement originated from the response that had to be given to the demagogy, bureaucracy, and corruption of those years, since by 1992, the socio-economic situation of the country was severe, extreme poverty reached 40% of the population and in general, poverty at that time reached 80% of the Venezuelans.

Presidential Press

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