Minister Jose Biomorgi affirms that the national industry is operating at 65%

The People’s Power Minister of Industries and National Production, Jose Gregorio Biomorgi, indicated that the national industry is going through a relevant and historic renaissance of 65% of operating companies in the sector.

“Commander Chavez got us into this political wave that seeks to transform the State to build a fairer society with greater equality for the citizens. That is why we go from the stage o resistance to the stage of recovery. To live a stage of the rebirth of the economy that goes hand in hand with the recovery of the productive and industrial spaces,” he said in an interview this Thursday to the television program A Pulso, broadcasted by Venezolana de Television.

Minister Biomorgi indicated that the productive sector currently has 105 intermediate and light industries companies, which translates into more than 60% of the operating companies forced to look for mechanisms to continue their production processes.

Concerning the origin of the Import Substitution Plan, the Minister referred that, “in our industries, there was a working-class that knew how to appropriate the productivity and the means of production, and that had proposals for years. From these ideas, the import substitution process was born, which does not only include substituting raw material, but also intervening in the productive process and adapting it according to our strengths and possibilities”.

Minister Biomorgi affirmed that together with the Ministries of Transportation and Science and Technology, they are working to strengthen the railway network. He also commented that around 19 companies in the food sector were intervened under article 149 of the Labor Law for being abandoned by their owners. It was an attempt against the food sovereignty of the Venezuelan people and the labor security of the workers.

For the possibility of increasing the export of national products, he informed that “one of the important things that we have experienced is the exploration of the enormous potential that we had and was sleeping, which is to export another product that was not only oil.”

To conclude, he also highlighted the importance of the more than one thousand Productive Councils of Workers (CPTT) located in the country and guaranteeing the protection of the Basic companies.

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