The Vitrina Venezuela portal offers more than 30 categories of supplies and services

During the portal launch, the Venezuelan Head of State, Nicolas Maduro, highlighted that the country is moving towards e-commerce, intending to position national production. In this scenario, the Digital Bolivar “is recovering the space towards the path of a 100 percent digital economy”.

This platform brings together entrepreneurs, small and medium-sized producers, and people in the national commercialization business chain to provide technical and sustainable accompaniment in the business area, with the guarantee of security offered by the Venezuelan State.

Vitrina Venezuela has more than 30 articles, supplies, services, and items categories and information on costs, competencies, products, and services made with Venezuelan quality.

In this regard, President Maduro asserted that Venezuelan digital commerce must be inclusive, based on an energized economy thanks to national production.

“We are going to a process of inclusion in the digital economy, that everyone participates,” he said.

As a relevant fact, the Dignitary highlighted that Venezuela is at the forefront of banking penetration, reaching 93 percent, a figure that constitutes one of the highest rates in Latin America.

Presidential Press

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