Government and Conindustria will create a common instance of solutions for the industrial sector

This Monday, as part of a plan to Prolonged Popular Productive Peace to revitalize the industrial sector, Minister Juan Arias received a delegation from the Venezuelan Confederation of Industrialists (Conindustria). This plan was made by the president of this organization, Luigi Pisella, Cecilia Castillo (executive president), Estela Hidalgo (Manager of Special Projects and International Relations), and Cecilia Castillo (executive president), and Estela Hidalgo (Manager of Special Projects and International Relations). They were also invited to join in the creation of a common instance for the solution to the sector’s problems, which is being designed by the Ministry’s teams.

Minister Juan Arias expressed his satisfaction with the approach of the industrial-private sector. He ratified his decision to attend all the guilds and groups to achieve a rapid strengthening of the entire national productive apparatus. For this reason, he stated: “We have held a very productive meeting and agreed to create a space for solutions to the problems of the industrialists. I am sure that this will bring great benefits to all Venezuelan industries. Together everything is possible”.

At the time of accepting the proposal, the representatives of the industrial private sector raised the need to incorporate in the agenda, among other points, measures to avoid unfair competition: measures to avoid unfair competition with imported products, to eradicate “fiscal voracity, especially at the municipal level, through fiscal and parafiscal taxes”; to minimize the Tax on Large Financial Transactions, excluding Small and Medium Industries (Pymi) and individuals; to provide financing for industries that stimulate the economy; and to advance in a National Plan for the Reinsertion of Human Talent, capable of attending professionals who have graduated abroad, as well as workers who return to the country; and to improve public services.

Luigi Pisella, president of Conindustria, highlighted the receptiveness and governmental efforts in search of unity of all the productive sectors, with a view to the prosperity of the whole population. “Today, Minister Juan Arias received us in his office, intending to solve the problems we presented to recover our workers’ purchasing power and maintain the industries’ operations. Basically, we are working to lead the country towards a better future.”

Soon, Minister Arias will announce the official installation of this instance of collective solutions for the industrial sector, whose name will be informed in due time.


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