National Government promotes increased production in Venvidrio

This Wednesday, the People’s Power Minister of Industries and National Production, Jorge Arreaza, inspected the state-owned company Venezolana del Vidrio, C.A. (Venvidrio), based in Carabobo State.

“We toured all its lines and furnaces. Good production! Its workers overcome the hard obstacles presented by the U.S. blockade,” referred the minister through his Twitter account @jaarreaza.

In this context, the head of the Ministry of Industries and National Production announced the design of a joint plan for the maximum activation of Venvidrio’s capacities as of 2022.

In October 2010, the then President of the Republic, Hugo Chavez, ordered the compulsory acquisition by the Venezuelan State of the companies Owen Illinois de Venezuela, C.A. and Fabrica de Vidrio Los Andes, C.A. (Favianca), to create Venvidrio to support the strengthening of the industrial capacity of the public sector in the manufacture of glass containers for the Venezuelan people.

Venvidrio’s mission is to transform raw materials and inputs into top-quality glass containers to strengthen the capacity of the public sector in the manufacture of glass containers. Which purpose is to ensure the Venezuelan people the availability, timely and permanent access to our products through the distribution of the same, through communal, public, and private networks.

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