SIDOR’s production processes are progressively advancing

For the second consecutive day, on Friday, the People’s Power Minister of Industries and National Production, Jorge Arreaza, inspected the production processes of Siderúrgica del Orinoco “Alfredo Maneiro” (SIDOR), in Ciudad Guayana, Bolivar State.

During his visit to the primary Venezuelan steel producer, the head of the industrial portfolio verified the unloading process of 45 tons per hour in the Midrex II plant, which guarantees the obtaining of Direct Reduction Iron (HRD), raw material for the steel industry.

The inspection included a tour of the billet mill, where the operation of the primary metallurgical furnace was verified. This plant produces 750 tons of liquid steel per day, for a monthly total of 22,500 tons.

All of SIDOR’s productive and recovery processes are governed by the working class, in spite of the difficulties derived from the economic war and the illegal blockade imposed by the United States and its allies on Venezuela.

“He who has eyes let him see. He who has ears let him hear… the workers who make productive miracles in Guayana,” Minister Arreaza posted on his Twitter account @jaarreaza, an indirect reference to his visit to SIDOR.

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