Minister Arreaza supervises production processes towards the full activation of the Venezuelan aluminum sector

This Thursday, Jorge Arreaza, People’s Power Minister of Industries and National Production visited the state-owned companies, CVG Aluminio de Carabobo S.A. (CVG Alucasa) and Aluminio de Venezuela (Alven), located in the states of Carabobo and Aragua, respectively. Thus, continuing the inspections to the basic companies of the country.

In Alucasa, the head of the industrial portfolio was able to verify the increase in production concerning the installed capacity in this plant dedicated to the manufacture of low thickness aluminum laminates for massive and industrial consumption in the national and international markets.

“Yesterday, we visited Alucasa in Valencia and Alven in La Victoria. Last week we went to Venalum and Alcasa in Ciudad Guayana. Supervision of production processes in the Venezuelan Aluminum chain, the best aluminum in the world. We are going for full activation,” he posted on his Twitter account @jaarreaza.

Reactivation of Alven

During his visit to Alven, Minister Arreaza agreed with the Workers’ Productive Council – in alliance with Alcasa and Alucasa, companies supervised by the Venezuelan Guyana Corporation (GVG) – the formula for the reactivation and supply of raw material, as well as the due maintenance and labor benefits.

“Alven is a very valuable company, which we are going to reactivate in a short time,” he stated in an interview granted to Rumba 106.5 FM, the institutional radio station.

The Minister of Industries and National Production praised the organization of the workers of this state-owned company, which is the driving force in the reactivation process.

“If there were no organized, conscious workers, there would be nothing to do, that is what allows us to say today that in a short time we will be facing a new reality here because we have that strength,” he stressed.

In this sense, he said that the reactivation of Alven will take place thanks to the cohesion of the working class and to a decision of President Nicolas Maduro to support not only this company but the entire aluminum, iron, and steel sector to recover Venezuela’s large productive processes.

“They have been very difficult years we cannot forget everything we have resisted as people, as government as well. But as people, because the blockade and the financial persecution of the United States against Venezuela in the last few years is incomparable […] because Venezuela was injected with the highest dose of economic aggression,” he reflected.

However, he affirmed that this situation has allowed the Venezuelan State to advance towards “an economic awakening that will be irreversible” and the workers “must guarantee that this is so, regardless of who is in a Ministry or public office. That is the important thing: to maintain the productive processes in force”.

Last week, Minister Arreaza visited the companies Aluminio del Caroní, S.A. (Alcasa) and Industria Venezolana del Caroní, S.A. (Alcasa). (Alcasa) and Industria Venezolana de Aluminio (Venalum), based in the state of Bolivar, with the intention of supervising the productive processes of this transforming material.

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