The Bolivarian Government guarantees raw material supply to a Merida-based tanker trucks manufacturer

This Saturday, the People’s Power Minister of Industries and National Production, Jorge Arreaza, visited Free Ways. The company dedicates to manufacturing tanker trucks for the transportation of fuel, water, gas, cement, and garbage compactors.

The head of the industrial portfolio highlighted the great technological and professional capacity of this company, based in Lagunillas, Mérida State.

“We are going to optimize the supply of raw material for full activation,” he announced through his Twitter account @jaarreaza.

During his visit to Lagunillas, Minister Arreaza also accompanied the delivery of financing from Banco Bicentenario to the company Chemycal’s Soma Laboratories C.A.

The head of the People’s Power Ministry of Industries and National Production traveled to the Andean entity to articulate actions to stimulate and reactivate regional production in the company of the Vice-Minister for Small and Medium Industry and New Productive Forms, Diana Castillo.

The head of the industrial portfolio traveled to Mérida after a visit to the state of Táchira. During this visit, he held a meeting with industrial entrepreneurs of the Special Border Economic Zone, which includes the San Antonio- Ureña axis, to whom he expressed the political will of the National Executive to reactivate the entire economy of the region.

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