President Maduro urges business sectors to build national identity and produce for Venezuela

In his usual Productive Wednesday, President of the Republic, Nicolas Maduro, urged the country’s business sectors to build a national identity and overcome political-ideological differences to produce more and more for Venezuela.

“We have to walk the path of the union of Venezuelans on the great social interests and put the human being at the center […]. We can have political, ideological, partisan differences […] but, when it comes to it when we gather at the table, it is to produce and work for Venezuela beyond the differences. Venezuela is above all of us”, emphasized the President.

Amid his reflections, the Head of State stressed that Venezuela “is a great country, a country with a gigantic power” that has resumed the growth of the real economy.

“We have resumed the growth of the real economy, of the concrete economy, the one that produces goods and services to satisfy the national need and to generate exportable products”, he added.

Single airport tariff

During the day, this Wednesday focused on the export sector. President Maduro approved the Decree through which a single airport tax for exports is established, a measure that obeys the strategies aimed at enhancing exports.

“We are in the birth of a new economy that satisfies the internal needs of the country and generates wealth to advance in exports”, he complimented.

Productive Wednesday was conducted by the President from the Miraflores Palace, with television contacts in several national entities.

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