National Executive will reactivate the economy in Táchira through a special border zone

This Thursday, the People’s Power Minister of Industries and National Production, Jorge Arreaza, held a meeting with industrial entrepreneurs of the Special Border Economic Zone of the state of Táchira. He also expressed to them the political will of the National Executive to reactivate the entire economy of the Andean entity.

Under this premise, a joint working schedule was agreed upon that contemplates meetings and videoconferences at the level of ministers, vice-ministers, and banks’ presidents, to explore alternative financing.

“So that we can advance, even, towards the label ‘Made in Táchira’ so that we can recover the textile, metal-mechanic, plastic, footwear, agricultural, livestock sectors; all the sectors present in the state of Táchira,” the Minister declared to the press after the meeting.

The head of the industrial portfolio also announced exonerations for Táchira entrepreneurs “so that they can reactivate themselves, have access to financing” and be able to articulate with the rest of the Venezuelan productive sector.

“The Special Economic Zone for the border is fundamental, and we are working on it,” he affirmed.

The Special Economic Zones focus on sectorial specialization, influencing productive capacities, regional development, and foreign trade.

Reopening of the border with Colombia

Minister Arreaza also referred to the reopening of the Colombian-Venezuelan border and the possibilities of shared development for both countries, especially in their neighboring territories. Although it is a matter that “does not depend only on Venezuela, it also depends on Colombia.”

“We hope that there is rationality in the central government of Colombia and that we may see in the coming days the reopening of the border in the commercial field […] Trade between Venezuela and Colombia reached over 8 billion dollars in moments in which Commander Chávez. Despite the differences he had with President Uribe he managed to chain productive processes to complement the economies,” he expanded in this regard.

Despite alluding to the aggressions forged against Venezuela from Colombia, Minister Arreaza emphasized that they are two brother countries geographically, culturally, socially, and economically.

“If we work rationally and with love towards our peoples, the Venezuelan and Colombian, we can see the common border flourish,” he added.

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