President Nicolas Maduro welcomes the creation of a commission by Venezuela and Colombia to normalize relations

The President of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Nicolas Maduro Moros, celebrated the initiative taken by the Colombian Congress and the Venezuelan National Assembly (NA) to normalize political, diplomatic, economic and commercial relations between both nations.

“What the Colombian Congress did was to send a communication to the President of the National Assembly, Jorge Rodriguez, signed by the President of the Colombian Congress, Senator Juan Diego Gomez. The communication invited both Parliaments to form a bi-national commission to begin to talk and advance in the regularization of consular, diplomatic, economic, commercial relations and, in general, the institutional, political, and human relations between Colombia and Venezuela. From this mountain of Waraira Repano we applaud this initiative taken by the Legislative Power of Colombia and the Legislative Power of Venezuela,” said Maduro.

The Head of State remarked that the missive sent by the Colombian Congress was unanimously approved by the senators, as it seeks to normalize the Colombian-Venezuelan relations while advocating the search for solutions to the problems between both nations in peace.

“Colombia and Venezuela have to solve our problems in peace”, he underlined.

The importance of normalizing relations between Caracas and Bogota lies in the attention to the people. Since the President considered that “in Venezuela, there are 6 million Colombian men and women who do not have consular assistance because the government of Ivan Duque -president of Colombia- does not give them consular assistance”.

“We need to give consular and legal assistance to Venezuelan migrants and, we need to lift relations, respecting political life, ideas, not meddling in the internal affairs of Colombia or Venezuela,” said the Bolivarian leader.

This Thursday, the President of the National Assembly, Jorge Rodríguez, informed that the Venezuelan Parliament will form a Bilateral Commission.  In order to jointly attend to the normalization of diplomatic and commercial relations; as well as the protection of Venezuelan and Colombian companies in each territory and the verification of good economic practices between the two countries.

Presidential Press

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