Venezuela and Russia make progress in integral cooperation in XV High-Level Intergovernmental Commission

Venezuela and Russia are moving towards the consolidation of integral cooperation in various trade and energy sectors; all within the framework of the XV High-Level Intergovernmental Commission (CIAN).

The People’s Power Minister of Industries and National Production, Jorge Arreaza, said that a week of dedicated work between both countries strengthened bi-national relations after frequent meetings since 2002, to allow glimpsing a new stage of fruitful strategic exchanges.

The Minister recalled that “in these years of attack and aggression against Venezuela, the Russian Federation not only raised its voice with our country and the Venezuelan people in all international forums, in defense of Venezuelan sovereignty and international law. In concrete terms, our trade and energy cooperation, as well as many other economic areas, has been strengthened after holding meetings of the Joint Commission without any interruptions.”

Arreaza affirmed that the President of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Nicolas Maduro Moros, hopes that this meeting means a new beginning of the binational relationship.

“We have brought virtuous proposals to put a part of our relations on track.”

Minister Arreaza profoundly appreciated the selfless support provided by Russia to our country in the face of the difficulty of the pandemic and amid restrictions imposed by unilateral coercive measures, which intensified during the years 2020 and 2021.

The work carried out by the ministerial and commercial teams, including private entrepreneurs from both sides, has been arduous. It has made it possible to address industrial, pharmaceutical, agricultural, commercial, energy, oil, gas, technical, military, mining, education, finance telecommunications, and other issues.

It has been a comprehensive schedule that has united representatives of both countries in Moscow. In addition, a business forum took place where private entrepreneurs traveled from Venezuela, and several meetings took place and were signed different commercial exchange commitments.

Sectoral Vice-Presidency of Economy

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