Aluminios de Venezuela fully reactivates its production processes

Under the concept of a new socialist business management model and the stoicism of the organized working class, the full reactivation of the state-owned Aluminios de Venezuela (Alven), in La Victoria, Aragua state, was achieved.

Thanks to the cohesion of the workers and the decision of President Nicolas Maduro to support the entire aluminum sector of the country, it was possible to restart the production processes in this company.

“Good news, mission accomplished! This week we achieved the full reactivation of Aluminios de Venezuela #ALVEN, an aluminum processing company in La Victoria, Aragua,” announced Jorge Arreaza, People’s Power Minister of Industries and National Production, through his Twitter account @jaarreaza.

The head of the industrial portfolio thanked the workers, the board of directors of Alven and the personnel of the Ministry of Industries and National Production for achieving this goal.

Historic Moment

From Alven’s facilities, José Biomorgi, Vice Minister of Industrial Development, highlighted the commitment of the working class that has remained firm in this productive space, despite the effects of the blockade imposed on the nation.

“Thanks to the commitment, work and recognition of the historic moment we are living, the working class has remained firm in these spaces, standing up for the struggle, resisting the onslaught of the unilateral coercive measures, which tried to bring the Venezuelan people and the working class to its knees”, he stated.

The Vice-Minister Biomorgi explained that the reactivation of Alven was materialized by virtue of an alliance established with CVG Aluminio del Caroní (ALCASA), which has propitiated the revival of the company through the supply of raw material and the optimization of the productive processes.

The sense of ownership was also a determining factor in the reactivation of Aluminios de Venezuela. Joel Pinto, spokesman of the Workers’ Productive Council (CPTT), highlighted the company’s progress and thanked the complete support of the national government, especially President Nicolas Maduro and Minister Jorge Arreaza.

“We have been moving forward, uniting ourselves, unifying criteria, preparing and training ourselves further every day to be able to take control of the company; we have advanced with victorious steps. Little by little we have taken over the reins of the company, we have had the operational capacity to maintain it due to the good sense of belonging”, he added.

Pinto ratified the commitment of the working class to increase production in order to support the nation at all times.

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