Minister Arreaza greets the entrepreneurship fair in Bolivar Park.

This weekend, to promote production and trade, the People’s Power Minister for Industries and National Production, Jorge Arreaza, visited the entrepreneurs’ fair “Miranda Quiere Gaita,” which takes place in the Bolivar Park at the Generalissimo Francisco de Miranda Air Base. As part of the actions implemented by Miranda’s State Government.

During his visit to this festival, Arreaza said that this is an opportunity to “enjoy and learn about future Venezuela, the entrepreneurship of small and medium-sized enterprises. As the comrades who are starting to produce; with the support of the Venezuelan State, different institutions, and the Governor’s Office”.

At the event, the general public can enjoy various proposals regarding pastries, gastronomy, textiles, costume jewelry, clothing, handcrafted products in terms of liquors, beverages, and many more ventures made by the working hands of Venezuelan men and women.

“This is a way, not only to help the Venezuelan economy to flourish but also for us to have access to quality products because if there is something that stands out is the quality of what this fair provides,” declared Arreaza.

The Minister of Industries and National Production invited the people of Caracas, Miranda, and La Guaira to visit this fair every weekend during this Christmas season. In addition, they can also enjoy artistic expressions with “Gaitas” groups and inter-school groups from the state of Miranda. These are the reflection of a great effort that seeks “to encourage the nation to produce, to buy quality products at good prices so that we can all win because to produce is to prevail,” concluded the Minister.

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