Minister Arreaza: “With the vote, we tell the world that in Venezuela differences are solved in democracy”

This Sunday, the People’s Power Minister of Industries and National Production, Jorge Arreaza, exercised his right to vote in the framework of the 2021 mega-elections.

“With the vote, we can free ourselves from those years of interference, of aggression, of pressures; with the vote, we can tell the world that in Venezuela differences are solved in democracy and that there is no need for anything or anyone to interfere,” commented the head of the national production portfolio regarding the 33 political personalities from 55 countries that are participating in the electoral oversight plan.

It is relevant to point out that this November 21 more than 21 million voters from all over the country are summoned to exercise their right to vote -under the strictest biosecurity measures to avoid the spread of COVID-19- in these mega-regional and municipal elections.

Speaking about the event, Minister Arreaza stressed the importance of voting to the Venezuelan population making an open invitation to participate in the elections organized within the framework of national democracy. “We have the power to make decisions by a majority and give fundamental support to the sovereignty,” he affirmed.

The call is expected to reach the renewal of more than 20 governorships, 335 mayoralties, and regional legislators and councilmen who serve in 3,082 positions and where 87 organizations of the different political scenarios were allowed to run for a total of more than 70 thousand candidacies.

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