The working class achieves the start-up of SIDOR’s steel mill

This Tuesday, fulfilling the necessary adjustments and maintenance protocols, the working class of Siderurgica del Orinoco “Alfredo Maneiro” (SIDOR), in Bolivar State, achieved the start-up of the slab steel mill. This plant is essential for the development of various sectors of the national industry.

The start-up of the steel mill will allow the reactivation of the production of rolled products in the country, specifically hot rolling for the supply of coils and hot strips for the transformer sector.

With the start-up of this plant, more than 230 companies will reactivate for production in the construction, metal-mechanic, piping, pressure vessels, and automotive industries, among other industrial sectors in the country.

“A tremendous gift from the workers of SIDOR to Venezuela,” celebrated the President of the Republic, Nicolas Maduro, to whom the working class dedicated the start-up of the plant on the occasion of the 59th anniversary of his birth.

The People’s Power Minister for Industries and National Production, Jorge Arreaza, acknowledged the dedicated and tireless work of the SIDOR workers to reactivate the steel mill.

“It’s an excellent gift and great news! I am aware of the dedicated and tireless work of SIDOR’s working class for the full activation of the Slab Steel Mill, vital for dozens of downstream transforming sectors of the national industry,” the head of the industrial portfolio posted on his Twitter account @jaarreaza.

¡Producir es Vencer! (To produce is to prevail!)

It is more than a necessary slogan in the current blockade and economic war against the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela. The Venezuelan working class has taken on national production as a form of struggle in the face of these aggressions.

“It has been strenuous work since the last two years that we have been recovering the different production plants of SIDOR. We are celebrating a more active plant. We have expectations on continuing to advance with other hot rolling and cold rolling processes. ¡Producir es Vencer!” said Rixiomar Antoni, manager of industrial engineering.

Meanwhile, Julio Garcia described the start-up of the steel mill as a joint achievement of the working class and SIDOR’s board of directors.

Siderurgica Del Orinoco “Alfredo Maneiro” is the leading Venezuelan steel producer and is presented as an integrated steel complex that uses Direct Reduction and Electric Arc Furnace technologies.

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