With the vote the people exercise their political sovereignty

The President of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Nicolas Maduro, ratified this Sunday the relevance of continuing to make visible “the electoral system, the electoral power, the National Electoral Council (CNE) and the vote as an exercise of political sovereignty, of the political will of Venezuelans.”

After exercising his right to vote in the mega municipal and regional elections, he stressed before national and international media that Venezuela has a “world record of electoral events” guaranteed with “the best electoral system in the world; an easy, safe, accessible and, above all, protected and audited electoral system”.

He confirmed the information shared with the more than 300 international observers who are in the country during these elections from over 55 countries, stating that “the Venezuelan electoral system is the only one in the world that has more than 18 previous audits certified with the presence and signature of the witnesses of the political parties”.

The Venezuelan Dignitary emphasized that once the voting centers close this Sunday, there will be an “audit of 54% of the voting centers, of the voting tables”.

“It is a hot audit that checks the physical vote with the electronic record. It compares it and certifies that the data at that table was transmitted correctly,” he explained.

President Maduro stressed that this is an “electoral system built over the years during the last two decades and perfected with the passage of time, through learning and new technologies”, he said on the election-day.

To the Venezuelan men and women who had not exercised their right to vote: “Now you can go and vote, it is a good time to vote and comply with the Homeland, comply with yourself, comply with your conscience” declared the Venezuelan President to the national and international media.

Every vote means peace and stability

This was also stated Cilia Flores, First Combatant of the Republic, after exercising her right to vote. The also deputy to the National Assembly described the voting process in the country as fast and simple, for which she took the opportunity to call the people to vote for the homeland, democracy and peace.

Flores specifically called on women to “take the lead, take the initiative, to encourage them to go out and vote, motivate them to vote, because each vote means voting for democracy, stability and peace. That is what we are demonstrating today in Venezuela, that we are a country of participative and protagonist democracy. We are a country of peace and here in Venezuela we, the Venezuelans, the Venezuelan women and men, decide.

“Today we are deciding for our governors, for our mayors, for our legislative councils, for our municipal councils, but the fact is that we elect all our authorities here,” said the First Combatant.

Presidential Press / Anaís Pérez

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