Fondoin and the Vice-Ministry of Industrial Development attend to proposals from the plastic recycling sector

The Venezuelan Industrial and Technological Reconversion Fund Foundation (Fondoin), led by its president Indira Villafaña, held the first meeting with a representative of the ViceMinistry of Industrial Development and members of the plastic recycling sector in the country with export capacity, to promote the eco-socialist adaptation of the national industrial sector.

The meeting made it possible to evaluate various needs and proposals to continue protecting and promoting the sector’s growth to contribute to productive diversification and generate new environmentally sustainable industrial practices.

As a concrete result, several agreements were reached, including future meetings in multisectoral working groups, joint participation in raising awareness, and training activities in the area of recycling.

Likewise, the possibility of generating new work structures in organized communities and industries with the capacity to join the circular economy as a productive alternative demanded by the nation was agreed upon.

During the conversations, they highlighted the importance of continuing to generate conditions for the development of this relevant sector and its contribution to the 5th Objective of the 2019-2025 Homeland Plan.

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